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Cultural Cruises

Our cruises consist of guided visits, in the company of our Tour Directors, to both famous and lesser known sites, which are further complemented by onboard lectures and recitals. This approach creates a uniquely layered experience that delves deeply into the histories, landscapes and cultural output of the rivers and waterways upon which we travel. Our privately chartered vessels cater for all our needs, with delicious onboard menus, comfortable modern cabins and elegant lounges in which to relax as we cruise between stops on our itineraries.


Danube River Cruise
29 Aug - 7 September, 2022

with John Bryden, Sarah Burles, Ashley Solomon, Lars Tharp, Nicholas Wearne, Emilie Capulet, Andrew Spira, Tom Abbott & Judy Brown

• A host of Tour Directors shines a spectrum of light on the history of this commanding waterway, its artistic and musical heritage

• Journey from Passau to Budapest, taking in the treasures of Melk, Vienna, Bratislava and Esztergom

• Relax on board as we cruise alongside some of the most picturesque scenery the river has to offer


Douro River Cruise on the Royal Barge
20 - 27 May, 2022 | 23 - 30 September, 2022

with Martin Symington

• Sail aboard the Spirit of Chartwell, formerly Her Majesty’s Royal Barge, as it cruises along the ‘River of Gold

• Take in the vineyards and historical towns of Portugal’s northern valleys

• Learn about the history of port, Oporto and the Douro Valley