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Cultural River Cruises


ACE is proud to offer a series of cultural cruises in 2017 and 2018. 
The modest size of our vessels allows us to navigate shallow waters, visit secluded bays and moor at quays inaccessible to larger boats. In 2017 we will be journeying along the Douro River through the vineyards and historic towns of northern Portugal and next year we will be discovering centuries of history between Paris and Honfleur on our new cruises along the Seine. Each of our cruises has been designed to maintain the ACE ethos of visiting sites and museums in a relaxed and flexible fashion in the company of our experienced tour directors.




Seine River Cruise: From Honfleur to Paris

April 16 - 22, 2018; £2450 | Peter Higginson, John Bryden, Emilie Capulet, Christopher Catling, Imogen Corrigan, Colin Bailey

Discover centuries of history along France’s most famous waterway, all from the comfort of our privately chartered vessel, the MS Renoir. Five ACE Tour Directors will provide their unique perspectives on our visits, perfectly complemented by afternoon lectures and evening piano recitals. More >>


Seine River Cruise: From Paris to Honfleur

May 1 - 7, 2018; £2550 | £2550

Due to the success of our first cultural cruise along the Seine in 2018 ACE Cultural Tours is proud to offer a second departure in May. Delve into the rich heritage of Honfleur, Rouen and Paris while making excursions to the Bayeux Tapestry, the Abbaye Saint-Georges, and Monet’s beautiful Garden at Giverny. More >>


Douro River Cruise on the Royal Barge

May 26 - 2 June, 2018; £2975 | Martin Symington

Sail aboard Her Majesty’s royal barge, the Spirit of Chartwell, as it cruises along the ‘River of Gold’ and take in the vineyards and historic towns of Portugal’s northern valleys. More>>




Recently refurbished for use by Her Majesty the Queen and Prince Philip during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012 the Spirit of Chartwell defines luxury. More >>

MS RENOIR                        

The MS Renoir is a five-anchor vessel offering accommodation of a luxurious 4-star hotel standard alongside generous public areas, a spacious sundeck and a range of facilities. More >>