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Coronavirus update



Book with confidence

As a result of the lifting of many of the previous restrictions on travel, we anticipate that it will soon be possible to operate a number of our scheduled tours.

The safety of tour participants and personnel remains our highest priority, and we wish to reassure our customers that we will only operate tours when they are safe and practical to do so, and that all tours will be run in accordance with the latest government guidelines in the destinations visited.

Please be assured that if it is not possible to proceed with a tour for whatever reason, or even if you are personally prevented from travelling as a result of Covid-19, we will transfer your booking to a future tour of your choice or provide a refund credit note.

Please find below some of the measures we are implementing with respect to hotel stays, coach travel, and other aspects of our tours. As it is likely that guidance will change between now and the start of each tour, we will make all booked customers aware of any significant updates, and will also outline the key information in our advance tour packs.


Expert staff

Our expert tour managers will ensure that the necessary safety procedures are implemented throughout the tour and we would appreciate your co-operation in helping to make proceedings run smoothly.


Tour Assessment

The situation remains fluid and each tour departure will be assessed individually. We will therefore make a decision regarding the postponement or cancellation of any particular tour 10 weeks before the scheduled departure date. At this time we will also be able to inform you of any special measures that may apply during the tour or at the destination. Due to the constantly evolving position, we regret that it is not practicable to provide such information at an earlier date.


Group size

The majority of our 2021 tours have been designed for groups of approximately 20 participants, enabling everyone to make the most of our itineraries and of the insights of our expert Tour Directors whilst adhering to government guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



It is essential that our customers feel safe and comfortable in the accommodation provided. ACE is working closely with all the hotels used on our tours, to ensure that they adhere with the latest local guidelines to safeguard guests against Covid-19. Our risk assessments address cleaning procedures, staff training and protection, social distancing, mealtime arrangements, the introduction of hand sanitising stations, and adequate guidance for all guests. Any hotel that does not meet ACE’s expectations in these regards will not be used on tour.


Meals & Restaurants

ACE is also working with each restaurant to make sure that mealtimes are both safe and enjoyable for participants. Risk assessments are being carried out to check that local regulations are adhered to, particularly in terms of social distancing, hygiene, and staff training and protection.

Please note that to ensure that safety guidelines are followed, there may be some adjustments to normal meal arrangements - for example, some tours might feature more hotel meals than usual.


Coach Travel

To maintain social distancing, we will be using larger or full-size coaches for the majority of our tours. This will allow participants to sit within the required social distancing spacing. Please note that couples travelling together may be asked to sit together. A careful boarding process will be followed, and tours participants will usually be asked to keep the same seat throughout the tour.

We are also making checks to ensure that each coach company employs a rigorous cleaning procedure and that drivers are trained in line with the latest local regulations - for example, wearing protective equipment and maintaining a safe distance from participants.

Please note that it is likely that participants will need to wear face masks on coach journeys. We will make participants aware of timings and distances in advance.


Local regulations on face masks

We would encourage all participants to bring their own face masks on tour. It is likely that you will be required to wear these on board the coach, and potentially in other enclosed spaces including some museums.



We are reviewing the visits on our tours to ensure that they are able to take place in accordance with local regulations, and that participants feel both safe and able to enjoy the experience on site.

In particular, we are checking procedures for social distancing, cleaning, staff training, and requirements for visitors.

We are also working with our Tour Directors to make sure they are able to deliver the same quality of cultural content to all participants. Vox headsets will be used as normal, and will be particularly beneficial while practising social distancing.


Itinerary Adjustments

To ensure that we are able to follow the latest safety guidelines, and also to maximise enjoyment of the tour, we may need to make some adjustments to our itineraries nearer the time.

While we intend to follow our advertised itineraries wherever possible, some adjustments may be required where it is difficult to ensure social distancing (for example, in smaller enclosed environments) or local factors prevent us from accessing the site. If we need to omit a planned visit, we will endeavour to replace it with an equivalent. Some visits may take longer than originally envisaged and it may be necessary to split into smaller groups. We will make customers booked onto each tour aware of any significant alterations.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding and we look forward to welcoming you on tour very soon.