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10 November 2019

ACE Tour Director Caroline Hannah shares her enthusiasm for Garden Design.


Uplifting Garden Design

By Caroline Hannah


Prior to working for ACE I ran my own Garden Design business for 12 years, having studied Garden Design at Writtle College. Although I did undertake commercial projects I really enjoyed creating residential gardens. There is nothing better than nurturing and creating a garden by working with clients to create their perfect environment.

I absolutely loved the point where clients would start seeing their garden take shape and when you could see their enthusiasm and excitement grow and suddenly you realise that you have ignited a new passion in them. Creating a garden is hard work – sometimes you can accidentally create an effect that works really well, but on the whole there is a lot of thought and research in terms of plant choices, creating a journey through the garden, and creating contrasts in terms of shape, texture and colour that work throughout the different seasons.

Patthana Gardens (c) Caroline Hannah

Gardens give so much to us, not only in the sense of biodiversity and providing a safe haven for wildlife, but also in terms of our health and wellbeing. I believe that the tremendous interest in gardens is because as all our lives get increasingly busy and ever more technological, gardens bring us to some core fundamental principles that there is something larger and more permanent than ourselves. This is really evident when you are guided around by the head gardeners of important gardens. There is always a sense that they are continually evolving the garden for future generations to enjoy. When I received my Garden Design degree, the keynote speaker (a rather famous TV garden personality) said that all those who were receiving their degrees were the ‘custodians of the landscape’ and ever since that has really resonated with me.

Caroline will lead ACE’s tour exploring Gardens of the Republic of Ireland in May 2020.

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Header Image: Powerscourt (c) Caroline Hannah