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2021 Provisional Tour Schedule

What follows is an overview of our planned departures for 2021. Please note that this list is subject to change. To register your interest in a tour, please contact the ACE office on 01223 841055 or email  


January July
February August
March September
April October
May November
June December




Cambodia & Laos with Moira Tait
Mozart Festival in Salzburg with John Bryden
Pompeii with Herculaneum with Steve Mastin
The Holy Land with Andrew Wilson
Valletta International Baroque Festival with Ashley Solomon
Wildlife of the Suffolk Coast: Minsmere & Orford Ness with Kevin Hand
Southern India with Cosmo Brockway



Art & Music in St Petersburg with Marie-Anne Mancio & Paul Jackson
Art History in Florence with Alex Koller
Bath Bachfest with Sandy Burnett
Cambridge Churches, College Chapels & Organs with John Bryden
Early Christian & Medieval Rome with Andrew Wilson
Music & Opera in New York with Ashley Solomon
Somerset Levels in Winter with Peter Exley
Wagner’s Ring Cycle in Dresden Tour Director TBC





Algeria: Rome Meets the Sahara with Philip Kenrick
Aquileia: City of Antiquity with Andrew Wilson
Art Collections of Liverpool with Stella Lyons
Art History in Naples with Alex Koller
Art in Berlin with Tom Abbott
Art on the Côte d'Azur with Sarah Burles
Athens, Delphi & the Peloponnese with Andrew Wilson
Forts & Festivals of India with Cosmo Brockway
Roman & Byzantine Ravenna with Andrew Wilson
Roussillon with Juliet Heslewood
Venice: The Triumph of Light & Colour with Tom Abbott
Isle of Man: A Wild & Ancient Heritage with Kevin Hand
Jazz: From New Orleans to Memphis with Sandy Burnett
Uzbekistan: Cities of the Silk Road with Steve Mastin
Hidden Cambridge: Collections & Connections with Sarah Burles




Lombardy with Marie-Anne Mancio
Alentejo & the Algarve with Peter Exley and Harriet Allen
Belarus with Alex Koller
Bologna, Mantua & Parma with Andrew Spira
Crete: Birds, Flowers & Minoans with Kevin Hand
Flemish Painting: From van Eyck to Rubens with Rupert Dickens
Leipzig at Easter Tour Director TBC
Lycian Cruise with Andrew Wilson
Anatolia with Patricia Hart
Rhone River Cruise Tour Directors TBC
Sardinia: Birds, Flowers & Nuraghi Tour Director TBC
Mid-Century Modern in the Heart of England with Alan Powers
Wild Poland with Kevin Hand
Churches of Suffolk with Imogen Corrigan



Cornwall: St Ives & the Newlyn School of Painters with Sarah Burles
Ancient Sicily with Oliver Kenzie
Bergen International Music Festival with Nicholas Wearne
Bulgarian Monasteries with Alex Koller
Churches of Norfolk: An Appointment with Angels with Imogen Corrigan
Croatian Cruise Tour Director TBC
Cyclades: Ancient Islands of the Aegean with Andrew Wilson
Wildlife of Extremadura with Kevin Hand
Great Bardfield & Beyond: Mid-Century Art & Design in East Anglia with Alan Powers
Isles of Scilly with Peter Exley and Diana Ward
Japan in Springtime: Art, Temples & Gardens with Richard Farmer
Mahler Festival in Leipzig with John Bryden
Mahler Festival in Leipzig with Richard Wigmore
New England Galleries in the Spring with Sarah Burles
Padua with Andrew Spira




Aldeburgh Festival Tour Director TBC
Artists of the North with Stella Lyons
Bach Festival in Leipzig with John Bryden
Bauhaus: German Modern Art & Design with Alan Powers
Colombia with Richard McColl
Donegal & Tory Island with Kevin Hand
Glasgow: Patrons, Art & Innovation with Evelyn Silber
Islay, Jura & Colonsay Tour Director TBC
Kazakhstan: From the Silk Road to Sir Norman Foster with Steve Mastin
Lincolnshire Halls & Houses with Oliver Gerrish
Lorraine with Tom Abbott
Northern Greece with Andrew Wilson
Riga Opera Festival with Nicholas Wearne
Southern Russia with Alex Koller
The Shetland Islands with Peter Exley
Estonia & Latvia with Alex Koller



Buxton Opera Festival with John Bryden
Mendelssohn in Scotland with John Bryden
Pomerania with Tom Abbott
Prehistoric & Roman Anglesea & Snowdonia with Mark Corney
Churches of Norfolk: An Appointment with Angels  with Imogen Corrigan
The Hanseatic League with Tom Abbott
French Gothic with Imogen Corrigan
Verona Opera Festival Tour Director TBC
Wild & Ancient Orkney with Andrew Wilson
Wildlife of the Austrian Alps with Kevin Hand
Hereford Three Choirs Festival with Richard Wigmore
Hereford Three Choirs Festival Tour Director TBC
Hadrian's Wall with Mark Corney
York Early Music Festival Tour Director TBC



Arctic Finland & Norway with Kevin Hand
Georgia with Alex Koller
Artists' Houses in Sussex with Stella Lyons
Danube Cruise Tour Directors TBC
International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival with Donald Maxwell
Schubert in Schwarzenberg with Nicholas Wearne
Teutonic Knights with Tom Abbott
The Industrial Revolution in Middle England with Ian Cox
The Pre-Raphaelites in Oxford with Stella Lyons
Wildlife in Scotland with Kevin Hand
Northumbria in the First Millennium with Imogen Corrigan



Art Treasures of St Petersburg with Andrew Spira
Ancient Sicily with Oliver Kenzie
Aquileia: City of Antiquity with Andrew Wilson
Art & Architecture of Puglia with Andrew Spira
Art Nouveau in Belgium with Christopher Bourne
Art on the Côte d'Azur with Juliet Heslewood
Borneo with Marcus Kohler
Derbyshire Halls & Houses with Oliver Gerrish
Haydn in Eisenstadt with Ashley Solomon
Isle of Wight with Stella Lyons
Lycian Cruise with Andrew Wilson
Country Houses of North Norfolk with Oliver Gerrish
Picasso with Marie-Anne Mancio
Roman & Byzantine Ravenna with Mark Corney
Sibelius Festival in Finland with Sandy Burnett
Leeds International Piano Competition with John Bryden
Edinburgh: Scottish Houses, Castles & Interiors with Ian Cox



Ancient Crete & Santorini with Oliver Kenzie
West Japan & the Inland Sea: Art & Pilgrimage with Richard Farmer
Ancient Cyprus with Philip Kenrick
Bruges with Sarah Burles
Glyndebourne with Nicholas Wearne
Glyndebourne with Nicholas Wearne
In Search of China's White Gold with Lars Tharp & Elizabeth Morrell
Jordan with Andrew Wilson
Palladio & the Villas of the Veneto with Charles Hind
Piero della Francesca with Lucrezia Walker
Princely Courts of the Ile-de-France with Andrew Spira
Roussillon with Juliet Heslewood
The Dodecanese Islands Tour Director TBC
Caravaggio with Marie-Anne Mancio
Wexford Opera Festival Tour Director TBC
The Tippett Quartet in Cambridge with Richard Wigmore
Lille with Sarah Burles
Palermo with Christopher Wellington



Bath Mozartfest with Sandy Burnett
Renaissance Florence with Sarah Burles
Morocco: Archaeology with Andrew Wilson
Oxford: College Chapels & Organs with Nicholas Wearne & John Bryden
South Korea with Alex Koller
Dutch Masters: Rembrandt, Van Gogh & Mondrian with Rupert Dickens



Art History in Budapest with Alex Koller