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Spring Tours in 2017



Escape to warmer climes in Spring 2017 and discover the artistic, historical, architectural and musical heritage found in a variety of destinations - from the famous floating city of Venice to the more undiscovered ancient realms found in Aquileia and Ravenna.




Art Treasures of St Petersburg  

Enjoy extended visits to the world's largest collection of paintings in the State Hermitage Museum.  Feb 18-25


Hawksmoor's London Churches 

London day course revealing the city churches designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor.  

Mar 2 


Aquileia: City of Antiquity 

Many exceptional 4th century mosaics and historic sites remain unscathed in this once great Roman town.  

Mar 6-10



Medieval Imagery in York  

This lecture-led tour explores the wealth of medieval imagery found in the city of York.  

Mar 13-15



Roman & Byzantine Ravenna 

Discover the superb collection of monuments and mosaics in the former Byzantine capital.  

Mar 13-17


Art on the Côte d’Azur

The light and landscapes of this glittering coastal area has helped produce a rich legacy of art and architecture.  

Mar 13-20


Palaces & Gardens of Portugal 

Cultural tour of Portugal that visits Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon and Sintra.  




Malta Through History  

Uncover the legacy of successive empires on this history tour to Malta.  

Mar 18-25



The American Deep South 

Architectural tour of America's Deep South taking on town houses and plantation mansions.  

Mar 21-Apr 1



Sardinia: Birds, Flowers & Nuraghi 

This natural history tour explores the wide range of wildlife and plants found in Sardinia.  

Mar 24-31


Liverpool: Private Wealth, Public Riches   

This cultural tour to Liverpool unravels the rich history of a city that has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage.  

Mar 27-30


Pompeii with Herculaneum  

Wander through preserved Roman streets and houses and imagine day-to-day life nearly 2,000 years ago.  

Apr 1-7


Venice: Artistic Legacy of a Republic 

Explore Venice, one of Europe’s richest cultural cities, on this art history tour.  

Apr 1-8



Discover Romanesque architecture and sculpture on this art history tour to Roussillon.  

Apr 3-10



Schubert in Cambridge

This short music tour in Cambridge focuses on the more intimate music of Franz Schubert.  

Apr 7-9



Algeria: Rome Meets the Sahara  

Discover Algeria's ancient sites and monuments on this cultural tour encompassing four World Heritage sites.  

Apr 9-21



Saxon Suffolk: Way of the Wuffings 

 Immerse yourself in the world of the seventh century in Suffolk on this archaeological tour.  

Apr 11-13




Apulia at Easter  

Explore the beautiful region of Apulia on this cultural tour to the region.  

Apr 11-18




Leipzig at Easter  

Our music tour to Leipzig for Easter in 2017 promises an array of musical delights.

Apr 13-21


Ancient Wessex & Dorset  

Explore the ancient sites of Wessex & Dorset on this archaeological tour.  

Apr 18-21




Wildlife & Walking in Extramadura  

Extremadura boasts an enticing variety of landscapes which we will explore on this natural history tour.

Apr 19-26



Georgian Bristol  

This architectural tour of Georgian Bristol reveals impressive 18th century buildings and several outstanding villas.  

Apr 20-22



Secret War  

Unravel the secret stratagems of British Intelligence during the Second World War on this history tour. 

Apr 20-22



Bulgarian Monasteries  

Explore the little-explored art and architectural gems found in Bulgaria on our unique cultural tour across the country.  

Apr 23-May 7



Cardiff: From Coal Port to Cultural Capital  

This short cultural tour explores the wealth of architectural heritage and art collections found in Wales's cultural capital. 

Apr 24-28



Bologna, Mantua & Parma  

This art history tour navigates northern Italy, absorbing the splendors of Bologna, Mantua and Parma.  

Apr 24-30



Romanesque England: Carved Churches of Herefordshire  

Uncover the fascinating Romanesque sculpture found in churches across Herefordshire on this art history tour.  

Apr 27-29


Medieval Brittany  

Uncover the history of Brittany during the Middle Ages through it's religious art and churches.  

Apr 29-May 4