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24 July 2015

Lead Me To The Lake Palace: Part Three

In the final installment of Annie Owen's cycle through Rajasthan, she makes it to the Lake Palace and meets a Maharana. Catch up with Part One and Part Two.


23 July 2015

Lead Me To The Lake Palace: Part Two

Annie Owen continues her solo bicycle journey across Rajasthan. If you missed Part One, catch up with the beginning of Annie's extraordinary story here.


22 July 2015

Lead Me To The Lake Palace: Part One

Tour Director Annie Owen leads ACE’s adventurous exploration of Gujarat: Traditional Crafts and Tribal Communities. A photographer, printmaker and illustrator, Annie has a passion for the Indian subcontinent, where she has travelled regularly and extensively for over 20 years. When we caught up with Annie recently, we asked what first drew her to this special country.

"I first travelled to India in 1991, because I wanted to see two things: the Taj Mahal and a tiger. I wrote children’s books at the time, and my passport gave my occupation as ‘author/illustrator’. I arrived at passport control and the guard, wearing flip-flops with his khaki uniform and unconcerned by the 300 other passengers waiting in line, grinned broadly and demanded ‘draw me!’ I fell in love with the country at that moment and have been back over and over again, each time finding something new to intrigue and fascinate me."

When Annie went on to mention that one of her visits to India comprised a solo bicycle ride from Pushkar to Udaipur – a journey of over 450km through Rajasthan – we in the ACE office could hardly believe our ears! Fascinated, we asked to hear more. Below is part one of Annie’s incredible journey. Join us tomorrow as the story continues…


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