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29 September 2017

On Tour with John Parker in South Africa: Flowers of the Fairest Cape

Jane Horgan recently journeyed to the Western Cape of South Africa with botanist John Parker and a group of intrepid ACE travellers.


31 August 2017

Music in Birmingham

Birmingham, one of the major melting pots of the industrial revolution, has always been a place of change and experimentation. The present day is no exception: it is a hugely exciting place to be at the moment, as it undergoes a massive, revolutionary rethink according to the Big City Plan.

Nick Wearne


27 July 2017

A Personal Perspective on Paris

Tour Director Patrick Bade will lead our tour of Belle Epoque Paris. Writing from Paris, where he lives, Patrick shares his insights into some of the city’s hidden treasures, as well as some of the highlights of his upcoming tour, in a special blog post for ACE.


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