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12 July 2018

Art historians Rupert Dickens and Sarah Burles have been exploring the wealth of 17th century art in the famous collections of Amsterdam, Haarlem and The Hague.

Discovering the Golden Age of Dutch Painting: On tour with Rupert Dickens and Sarah Burles

Led by Tour Director Rupert Dickens and Tour Manager Sarah Burles, an ACE group has recently returned from our first departure to the Netherlands exploring the artists of the Dutch Golden Age.
After the ratification of the Peace of Westfalia at the Treaty of Munster in 1648, the Dutch Republic received worldwide recognition for the first time. A burgeoning middle class commissioned portraits and collected paintings for their own homes giving prosperity to a wave of Dutch masters who had the freedom to paint themes of their own choosing, from still lifes to the civic patronage of the militia companies.

On our tour we travel from Amsterdam to Haarlem and The Hague to discover the major collections of the Dutch masters, including Vermeer's hypnotic Girl With a Pearl Earing and Rembrandt's vivifying The Night Watch.

Scroll down to view photos sent to us by Sarah Burles on tour and watch Rupert tell us about his favourite pictures in a short video.



Rupert and Sarah were the perfect ambassadors for the Golden Age and your company respectively. 

ACE Customer on the Golden Age of Dutch Painting tour in July 2018