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05 July 2016

Distant destinations intrigue many of our ACE travellers so over the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on our collection of tours for those of you who like to venture further afield. From Iran and Algeria to Colombia and the American Deep South.

Over the next 18 months ACE is offering over 25 tours in over 20 countries. Highlights from 2017 include:

Iran: Glories of Persia, Feb 12 – Mar 1, 2017; £3595; with Andrew Wilson
After a break of six yearswe are excited to return to Iran and see first hand the legacy of the Persian civilisations at Susa, Pasargadae and Persepolis as well as the great Asia cities of Isfahan and exquisite Shiraz. Read more>>

Art Treasures of St Petersburg, Feb 18–25, 2017, £2115; with Colin Bailey
Explore Peter the Great’s legendary capital, compare his modest log cabin with the spectacular Winter Palace, marvel at the world’s largest collection of paintings in the Hermitage, and glimpse places featured in Tolstoy’s War and Peace.Read more>>

Music in New York, Feb 21–27, 2017, £3295; with Ashley Solomon
If you are a classical music enthusiast nothing surpasses the experience of live performances in the world famous venues of New York. Between enjoying two operas at the Met, and chamber music and orchestral performances at Carnegie Hall we will also visit some of the buildings and museums which epitomise New York’s architectural and artistic splendour.Read more>>

The American Deep South, Mar 21 – Apr 1, 2017, £3795; with Roger White
America’s so-called Deep South has its own very distinctive culture and architecture, which we will appreciate as we view fine 19th century antebellum town houses and plantation mansions, take part in Natchez's annual 'Spring Pilgrimage', and enjoy New Orleans's vibrant French Quarter and the wealth of historic mansions found in the Garden District. Read more>>

South Korea & Western Japan: Ancient Collections, Modern World Heritage, May 12 –28, 2017, £4950; with Simon Kaner
This new cultural tour examines the interactions between ancient kingdoms in Korea and Japan, in particular the arrival of Buddhism, visiting along the way an extraordinary assembly of UNESCO World Heritage sites set amidst breathtaking scenery. Read more>>

New England Galleries in the Spring, May 18–26, 2017, £3245; with Colin Bailey
Wander through the great art collections found in the historic universities of Harvard and Yale and the fine galleries and museums of Boston, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Read more>>

Colonial Colombia, Jun 15–28, 2017, £3995; with Richard McColl
Follow in the footsteps of Spanish conquistadors and Simón Bolívar, as we travel from the cultural capital, Bogotá, to jewel-like Cartagena de Indias on this cultural tour to Colombia. Read more>>

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