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ACE videos

Hepworth and the 'Artists of the North'

4 Jan 2018 | Suzanne Fagence Cooper

Art historian Suzanne Fagence Cooper introduces the beguiling work of Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore and other modernists for this ACE tour that goes in search of the 'Artists of the North'.

South Africa with John Parker

A series of fascinating short interviews with Professor John Parker, on the magnificent flora of South Africa's Western Cape. View the tour >>


Episode 3 | Glowing tubes of colour

22 Dec, 2017 | John Parker


Episode 2 | Amazing riches from South Africa's spring

14 Dec, 2017 | John Parker


Episode 1 | Magnificent flowers of the Western Cape

6 Dec, 2017 | John Parker



Matisse's Rosary Chapel: Art on the Côte d'Azur

16 Nov, 2017 | Suzanne Fagence Cooper

ACE Tour Director Suzanne Fagence Cooper introduces the Chapelle du Rosaire de Vence by Matisse, a highlight of the Art on the Côte d'Azur tour in 2018. View the tour >>


Victor Hugo & the Battle of Waterloo

9 Nov, 2017 | Nick Lipscombe

Tour Director Nick Lipscombe explores the influence of Victor Hugo on our collective understanding of the Battle of Waterloo. View the tour >>


Wellington & Napoleon at Waterloo

13 Sep, 2017

Delve into the minds of the figures behind Waterloo, one of the most decisive military encounters in history. View the tour >>


What life was like in the Roman Empire?

2 Aug, 2017 | Andrew Wilson

Tour Director and archaeologist Andrew Wilson explains in a new video for ACE, how the surviving two-storey villas at Herculaneum offer a real sense of what life was like in the Roman Empire. View the tour >>


Music and Motion, Seine River Cruise from Paris to Honfleur

13 Jul, 2017 | John Bryden

ACE Tour Director, John Bryden introduces this magical river cruise and plays some snippets of music inspired by water and motion, part of his programme of evening piano recitals on board. View the tour >>


Secrets of Gujarat's Traditional Crafts and Tribal Communities

Annie Owen introduce’s ACE’s unique tour to Gujarat and shows off some of the intricate and colourful textiles made in the region. View the tour >>


Inside Enigma: Mark Baldwin and the Enigma Machine

Discover the secrets of code breaking when our Tour Director Mark Baldwin demonstrates his own Enigma machine.


Douro River Cruise with Martin Symington

Martin Symington discusses his connections with the Duoro Valley, and gives an insight into what participants on the 2017 River Cruise have to look forward to. View the tour >>


Bach Festival in Leipzig, with John Bryden

ACE Tour Director and international concert pianist John Bryden gives a very special introduction to next year's tour to Leipzig.  View the tour >>


Hogarth in London; with Lars Tharp

Lars Tharp – eminent art historian and former Director of the Foundling Museum – introduces this specially crafted London day course, exploring the life and works of one of England’s greatest native artists: William Hogarth. View the tour >>


Customer testimonials | Palladio with Charles Hind

On our Palladio tour last year we had the opportunity to ask some of our customers what makes travelling on an ACE tour so special. 

Isles of Scilly

Marcus Kohler reflects on his role as an ACE Tour Director and looks forward to his upcoming tour to the Isles of Scilly.                      


ACE Tour Director Peter Higginson introduces this magical tour to Cuba                                                                                                 


Cambridge Collections

ACE celebrates the Bicentenary of the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge with this cultural tour examining the special exhibitions and collections found in the city in the company of art historian Sarah Burles. Highlights include private guest lectures and behind the scenes museum visits.                                                                                        


Russia's Golden Ring

During our circular tour of the ‘Golden Ring’ of Russian towns we encounter monuments, churches and monasteries in the vicinity of Moscow that date both from pre-Mongol and Muscovite times. Art and architectural historian Alex Koller leads this fascinating exploration of both classic ring towns and lesser-known sites off the beaten track. 


Copenhagen & Salzburg

Many of our travellers look forward to our Christmas and New Year tours each year. Set at a more relaxed pace, they offer just the right balance of cultural stimulation and convivial company for a group of 'ACE friends' to enjoy the festive season away from home.             

Death on the Nile

Many UK museums provide the ideal complement to our studies and travels across Europe and the world, and none more so than the University of Cambridge’s magnificent Fitzwilliam Museum, which in its bicentenary year celebrates its internationally renowned collection.


Hidden China

This cultural tour of China with sinologist and Chinese speaker Elizabeth Morrell explores the daily life and time-honoured traditional arts including painting, poetry, calligraphy, porcelain and architecture.

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