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Main Brochure 2018



Over the years, the itineraries of classic tours have been refined, the list of destinations expanded, and the range of subject matters increased to include not only archaeology, art and architectural history but also music and natural history – but tours continue to exemplify the aims of the ACE Foundation, enabling participants to travel and learn alongside experts and like-minded people.
Although ACE’s repertoire of tours has been much expanded since the company’s early days, looking back over early brochures shows how some things have stayed very much the same. For example, in 1974, participants on Rome and the Grand Tour explored the Villa Adriana, Villa d’Este and Palazzo Farnese: all sites still visited on ACE’s Villas & Gardens in Lazio tour.
2018 promises to be one of ACE's best ever programmes, offering a range of these classic tours alongside exciting new departures, from showstopping Wagnerian performances in San Francisco and Dresden to thought provoking departures to the battlefields of Waterloo or the Great War. We think there is something for everyone in this years programme, whether you are looking to discover the archaeological secrets of The Dodecanese or seek out the artistic and cultural treasures of China or Japan, read on below or request a paper copy by clicking here.


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