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South Africa with John Parker


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Magnificent flowers of the Western Cape

The first of a series of short interviews with Professor John Parker, this episode, 'Magnificent Flowers of the Western Cape', sees John outline the Cape's extraordinary ecological diversity, with over 9000 different flower species – the same as about half of Europe – packed into an area the size of Wales.  


Episode 1  |   Episode 2    Episode 3



Amazing riches from South Africa's spring 

Our series on South Africa with ACE Tour Director Professor John Parker continues. In this episode, Professor Parker introduces the wonder of seeing something new every time he visits South Africa's Western Cape, particularly in spring, when it is filled with 'amazing riches'.


Episode 1  |   Episode 2   |   Episode 3



Glowing tubes of colour

In Episode 3 John introduces us to the magnificent heathers of South Africa, of which there are over 600 different species, "glowing tubes of colour".