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Vivien Whelpton,


Sarah Burles portrait
Sarah Burles portrait

Vivien Whelpton is a literary historian and biographer who has written extensively on First World War poetry and literature.

After a career teaching English, Vivien pursued a life-long interest in the literature of The Great War, attaining a masters in War Studies from King's College London. Vivien has gone on to publish in the Cecil Woolf War Poets series, featuring a monograph on the poetry of the Gallipoli Campaign and contribute articles to the War Poetry Review, the English Association Journal 'The Use of English', and is an accredited member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides. Vivien's other literary work includes, 'Richard Aldington, Poet, Soldier and Lover: the years 1911-1929', an author at the heart of the pre and post-war London literary scene and whose novel 'Death of a Hero' is arguably the most successful to come out of The Great War.